Getting involved in the 'econowhat?' reading group will help you understand the basics of the financial crisis and what that means for social justice in the UK and the rest of the world.

You can take part in the reading group as an individual or a group. You can meet up with friends, or take the chance to meet other people in your area.


You can also get involved in the online discussion on the Facebook group.

Suggested short readings, articles, and films for your reading group.


You might want to read from start to finish, or just pick a couple of topics that interest you.


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The Readers' Blog

Maddy Evans, Jubilee Debt Campaign


A new year for the reading group and interesting times in the Eurozone crisis


If you’ve been reading the news recently you’ll know that anti-austerity party Syriza have just stormed to power in Greece, with their anti-austerity policies and plans to renegotiate the payment of Greece’s debt almost bringing them to an outright majority in the polls.



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New year, new readings

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