This is a project for people who know that there’s something seriously wrong with the economic system and want to understand more. It’s a system that in the UK over the last four decades has seen rising inequality, the selling-off of public services and spaces,  huge publicly funded bank bailouts and massive cuts to welfare and public services.


But despite the impacts of the economic system on our lives, when it comes to arguing about what kind of economy we want, many people who are committed to social and economic justice feel intimidated or confused by complex economic language and shrouded decision making.


Economists and politicians would have us think that economic decisions are a science, and out of the reach of the average person’s understanding. This reading group, and the Economic Justice Project that it is part of, aims to break down that idea. Our economic system is determined by the political decisions of governments, everyone can and should be able to have an opinion on what is happening now, and what alternatives can be fought for.


This reading group covers a range of material that looks at how the financial crisis happened, the history of how it built up, who is to blame, and who is paying the price.


This project doesn't aim to represent a full range of opinions, but it presents alternatives to the mainstream social and economic ideas promoted by the media and many educational institutions.  


You can take part on your own, or in a group. Whether you know a little or know nothing at all, whether you are interested in austerity in the UK or global economic justice, this reading group is for you!    

Food for thought gender and history reading group outside a not for profit workers' collective bookshop in Massachusett. Photo: Foodforthoughbooks Flikr